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Deurex AG, Germany
Deurex was founded in the year 1989 as Deurex GmbH in Germany and became Deurex AG in the year 2007 for marketing of waxes. Deurex manufactures a wide range of waxes including polyethelene waxes, sugarcane waxes, hybrid waxes, amide waxes and polypropylene waxes.
Fischer Tropsch Waxes:

Deurex offers FT waxes for hot melt adhesives applications. Deurex T39 is the most widely applicable FT wax grade.

DEUREX T39: This is a white coloured FT wax which can be offered in three delivery forms: Granules, Fine Granules and Finest Powder

Polyethylene Waxes:

Deurex offers PE waxes for hot melt adhesives applications. Following are their three popular grades recommended for Hot Melt Adhesive applications. 

A. DEUREX E 09: Very high Crystallinity and Hardness. It can be used in transparent and opaque hot melts.  

B. DEUREX E 11: Very good price-performance ratio, longer opening time. It can be used for cold sensitive applications like sealants in refrigerators.   

C. DEUREX EO 45: This is an oxidized HDPE wax with very high drop point and  heat resistance. 

Sugarcane Waxes:

Deurex offers  waxes from natural sources like Sugarcane. DEUREX X 51 is recommended for Hot melt applications. Deurex X 51 offers following characteristics:- 

A. Highly crystalline wax with low hardening point

B. Reduces viscosity and processing temperature of hot melts

C. Improves ecological balance 

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