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Nisshinbo Chemical Inc.
Nisshinbo Chemical Inc. is the "environmental and energy company" group that serves as the core of Nisshinbo Group in the chemical business. Nisshinbo is headquatered in Tokyo, Japan. Environ offers their CARBODILITE range of Polycarbodiimide crosslinkers which acts as a crosslinking agents in Waterborne resins, Modifying agent in Adhesive resins and Hydrolysis stabilizer for polyesters including Bio-plastics.
CARBODILITE - Water based VOC Free Crosslinking Agents:

CARBODILITE's are non toxic, VOC free Polycarbodiimide (-NCN-)n  based crosslinking agents which improves waterborne resins such as PUDs with following attributes:

1.  Improvement in Water, Solvent  &  Chemical Resistance

2.  Increase in Hardness, Abrasion and Scratch resistance

3.  Enhanced adhesion on substrates such as glass, PET, wood etc

4. Curable at room temperature

5. Excellent Dispersibility & Flexibility

The CARBODILITE range of crosslinkers reacts with carboxyl group present in primary resin of coatings with dosage range from 3%  to 7% w/w. 

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