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K SPERSE - Dispersants for Non - Aqueous Systems :

K SPERSE® additives are highly effective amine free dispersing agents for organic and inorganic pigments used in non-aqueous and solvent-free coatings and inks.


K SPERSE® Liquid Monomeric Products are designed for use in non aqueous systems . These easy to use liquid products are effective at 50% to 75% lower loading than other dispersants. They are particularly efficient at dispersing TiO2 and iron oxides.


Some of the advantages include  :

Widest range of Solubility (Alcohols to Aliphatic Hydrocarbons)

  • Low Dosage – Highest Pigment Loading
  • Highly Efficient in Dispersing TiO2
  • Better Color Development and Gloss
  • Faster Dispersion Time


K SPERSE® Monomeric Powder Dispersants are supplied in powder form and are developed for dispersing pigments into powder coatings and other solventless systems.


Some of the Advantages Include :


·   Ease  of use – Free Flowing Powder


·   Improved Hiding Power at low film thickness


 ·  Low Cost


K SPERSE® range of Products can be used as Wetting and Dispersing agents for Solventborne Coatings , Powder Coatings & Solventless Systems.  


K SPERSE 152 – One of the most popular grades suitable for every pigmented solvent borne coatings . Its composed of Zinc Sulfonate in 2 Butoxyethanol which is 50% active .

It’s a general purpose wetting and dispersing agent . It can be used at 1/3 to 1/2  the level of typical commercial dispersants. It even acts as a synergist for competitive polymeric dispersants. 

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