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K FLEX - Polyester Polyols, Urethane Diols & Speciality Resin Modifiers :

K-FLEX is King Industries’ trademark used to describe three distinct product lines of specialty polyols and resin modifiers consisting of the following chemistries:-

1. K-FLEX POLYESTER POLYOLS are based upon low molecular weight linear, saturated, aliphatic structures with pendant hydroxyl groups.

2. K-FLEX URETHANE DIOLS are novel, low molecular weight diols with an all-urethane backbone.

3. K-FLEX SPECIALTY PRODUCTS include two 100% active, acetoacetate functional reactive diluents. K-FLEX XM-B301 and 7301 are particularly effective in epoxy/polyamide primers and systems crosslinked with amino resins or polyisocyanates.


K-FLEX range of polyols are used primarily as resin modifiers for acrylic, alkyd, epoxy and polyester formulations with melamine or polyisocyanate crosslinkers. Typical modification levels are 5 to15% on total resin solids.

The areas of applications are Aerospace, Automotive, Can, Coil, Floor Coatings, Inks,  Adhesives, Sealants, Wood and General industrial Coatings. 

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