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MPP Series :

Presafer EPFR-MPP series are highly recommended for PA, PBT, PP


EPFR MPP 100 – It is a kind of intumescent flame retardant with excellent properties. It can be applied to polyolefin, linear polyester, polyamide, some thermosetting resin, rubber, coating, paper industry, textiles etc.


EPFR MPP 200 - It is a kind of halogen-free flame retardant based on nitrogen and phosphorus, has good thermal stability and low smoke. It is widely used in thermoplastic, thermosetting plastic, silicone rubber and rubber products. It also can be used for intumescent coating, acrylic latex, etc.


EPFR MPP 300 -It is a kind of environment friendly halogen-free flame retardant with high thermal stability and high decomposition temperature. It can be widely used in thermoplastic and thermosetting plastic, fiber and other products. Highly recommended for glass fiber reinforced PA66.

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