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ADINS Clean :

ADINS clean is a functional additive based on a silicate doped with photocatalytic species which introduces in the host systems the capacity for removing organic matter from the surface by the action of light.

ADINS clean additive provides an effective solution to avoid the agglomeration problems and handling of the catalyst particles (TiO2), increasing their effectiveness by supporting the TiO2particles on an inorganic substrate. It is available in both powder or liquid form. ADINS clean is used to maintain an unaltered aesthetic aspect over long periods of time in a surface, reducing the costs of maintenance and improving the environmental quality of zones in which it is applied. The photocatalytic additive allows to reduce the concentration of contaminants (NOx or VOCs), which are generated to a great extent by the intensity of traffic in large urban centers.

ADINS clean is suitable to be used in cement based materials, ceramics, glazes and coatings to obtain self-cleaning or decontaminant surfaces.


ADINS clean is suitable to be used for self-cleaning and decontaminant surfaces in the following applications:

  • Paints and Coatings (Inorganic and/or organic based paints, varnishes, gel-coats)
  • Cement based materials (Panels, facades, pavements)
  • Ceramic (Glazes, ceramic coatings, tiles)
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