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Antifouling Agent :
We offer a range of antifouling agents for use as additives in antifouling paints to be applied on ship hulls or other marine structures. Our antifouling products make a significant contribution to optimize the operational efficiency of the worldwide commercial and naval fleets.
Antifouling Agent :

ECONEA® (A Metal Free Antifouling Agent)

ECONEA® is a non-metal antifouling agent which exhibits a broad spectrum of activity against hard-shelled and soft-bodied invertebrate animal fouling organisms including barnacles, hydroids, mussels, oysters and tube worms. Its excellent stability, low water solubility and low leach rates ensure that antifouling paints based on ECONEA® can be specified for multi-year dry-docking intervals comparable to those achieved with copper-based products.


Zinc PYRION TM (Zinc Pyrithione)

Zinc PYRION TM is a highly effective and well-established antifouling agent for the control of soft fouling marine organisms such as seaweed as well as bacterial and diatomaceous slimes. 

King Industries Inc., USA
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