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Functional Products Inc. formulates, blends, and sells oil additive products that manage viscosity and improve the performance of oil, grease and biobased fluids that operate under demanding conditions. We offer an extensive range of viscosity modifiers, tackifiers, way lube packages, biobased products and other oil additives to meet your needs.

Tackifiers are additives that give tack, or stringiness, to a substance and are typically used to provide adherence in fluid lubricants and stringiness in greases. Functional Products offers a varierty of active ingredients in a variety of diluents, thus providing a wide range of tackifiers to fit your need, whatever it might be.

Viscosity Index Improvers (VI Improvers):
A solid viscosity index (VI) is the rate of change of viscosity with temperature. A base oil with a higher VI doesn't thin down as much at higher temperatures and doesn't thicken as much at lower temperatures. VI improvers are additives that increase the viscosity index of a base oil. Functional Products' solid VI enables the customer to formulate and solubilize a desired product.
Drop Point Improver:
Functional DP - 200 is a high performance additive designed for improving the drop point of Simple Lithium 12 Hydroxystearate Soap Greases
Polymer Additites for Water Spray Off & Shear Stability:
Functional Product Offers a wide Range of quick dissolving polymers to enhance the properties such as Water Spray off & Shear Stability
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