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King Industries Inc., USA
Since 1932, King Industries has been supplying specialty chemical products to a variety of industries that are performance driven with ever changing requirements. King Industries Inc., USA has appointed M/s Environ Speciality Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. as their authorized distributors of Coating Additives for Indian Market.
NACURE - Acid & Blocked Acid Catalyst:

With Over four Decades of Experience in catalysis, King offers the industry's broadest range of catalysts including acid and blocked acid catalysts for amino thermoset systems , non tin , mercury free catalysts for urethanes , latent and super acid catalysts for cationic cure of epoxies and hydrophobhic catalysts for the moisture of siloxane functional polymers . 


The proper use of catalysts can facilitate the cross linking reaction resulting in following benefits : 

  • Shorter Cure Schedules
  • Lower Cure Temperature for Thermoset high solids and WB coatings
  • Energy Savings
  • Improved Hardness , Gloss , Humidity & Corrosion resistance.
  • Improved Mechanical Properties. 
NACORR - High Performance Rust & Corrosion Inhibitors:

NACORR®   Rust and Corrosion Inhibitors provide formulators the means to impart corrosion resistance to aqueous , non aqueous and powder systems .

NACORR can be used as the primary corrosion inhibitor or in combination with environmentally friendly anti corrosive pigments . They are compatible with a wide variety of resins . 

K STAY - Rheology Modifiers:

K- STAY Rheology Modifiers are available for both solvent borne and waterborne coatings offering many benefits as well as shear thinning capabilities for spray , dip , roller or brusher applications.

K STAY 500 series based on sulfonate technology for non aqueous pigmented systems offers following benefits :

·         Excellent anti sag and pigment suspension

·         High Efficiency – Low Use Levels

·         High Gloss

·         Ease of use – Pourable Liquids


·         Effectiveness in a wide range of resin systems

K SPERSE - Dispersants for Non - Aqueous Systems:

K SPERSE® additives are highly effective amine free dispersing agents for organic and inorganic pigments used in non-aqueous and solvent-free coatings and inks.


K SPERSE® Liquid Monomeric Products are designed for use in non aqueous systems . These easy to use liquid products are effective at 50% to 75% lower loading than other dispersants. They are particularly efficient at dispersing TiO2 and iron oxides.


Some of the advantages include  :

Widest range of Solubility (Alcohols to Aliphatic Hydrocarbons)

  • Low Dosage – Highest Pigment Loading
  • Highly Efficient in Dispersing TiO2
  • Better Color Development and Gloss
  • Faster Dispersion Time


K SPERSE® Monomeric Powder Dispersants are supplied in powder form and are developed for dispersing pigments into powder coatings and other solventless systems.


Some of the Advantages Include :


·   Ease  of use – Free Flowing Powder


·   Improved Hiding Power at low film thickness


 ·  Low Cost

K FLEX - Polyester Polyols, Urethane Diols & Speciality Resin Modifiers:

K-FLEX is King Industries’ trademark used to describe three distinct product lines of specialty polyols and resin modifiers consisting of the following chemistries:-

1. K-FLEX POLYESTER POLYOLS are based upon low molecular weight linear, saturated, aliphatic structures with pendant hydroxyl groups.

2. K-FLEX URETHANE DIOLS are novel, low molecular weight diols with an all-urethane backbone.

3. K-FLEX SPECIALTY PRODUCTS include two 100% active, acetoacetate functional reactive diluents. K-FLEX XM-B301 and 7301 are particularly effective in epoxy/polyamide primers and systems crosslinked with amino resins or polyisocyanates.

K KAT - Non Tin Catalysts for Polyurethanes:

K-KAT catalysts are metal compounds that are designed to accelerate the reaction of polyols with isocyanates. These catalysts are more environmentally acceptable than catalysts that contain tin or mercury.

K-KAT catalysts additionally offer a number of performance advantages, including:

1. Selectivity in the presence of moisture,less gassing

2. Improved pot life/cure time relationship

3. Mercury-like cure profile in elastomers

4. Less toxic than tin and mercury catalysts

5. Catalysis of secondary hydroxyl groups

6. Cold temperature cure response

King Industries Inc., USA
  • Nacure PC-100 - Low temperature cure in powder coating application
  • NACURE PC-2010 : Designed to accelerate epoxy/carboxy reactions.
  • ADVANTAGES: Lower temperature cure Decreased gel times Excellent chemical resistance Good over bake
Double Bond Chemical Ind. Co. Ltd., Taiwan
  • New Oligomers Launched for UV coating/ UV Ink on PP/PET substrates
  • DOUBLEMER® 653
  • DOUBLEMER® 654
  • Applications: UV curable coatings/ UV inks for PP,PS, PET, PVC, Nylon substrate etc.
Double Bond Chemical Ind. Co. Ltd., Taiwan
  • New Photoinitiators Launched for UV LED coating/ UV LED Ink
  • Applications: UV LED curable Coatings, Inks, Adhesives
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