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Double Bond Chemical Ind. Co. Ltd., Taiwan
Double Bond Chemical Ind.Co.Ltd., Taiwan is known for their wide range of products for Automotive, Industrial & UV Coatings. DBC is having turnover of USD 100 million & having 6 manufacturing sites worldwide with more than 400 experienced employees to meet your needs. Double Bond Chemicals is a globally leading supplier of Oligomers, Photoinitiators for UV Coatings, Inks & UV Absorbers, Light Stabilzers to some of the leading Coating manufacturers across the world.
UV Absorbers & Hindered Amine Light Stabilizers::
The CHISORB range of additives helps in prevention of defects such as Chalking, Discoloration, Yellowing, Loss of Adhesion, Blistering etc caused in coatings on prolonged exposure to UV rays falling from the sun. DBC offers a wide range of UV Absorbers & Light stabilizers under brand name 'CHISORB'. Some of the most popular UV Absorbers are : CHISORB 234, 5530, 5392, 5582, 328, 2260 etc. Some of the most popular Light Stabilizers are : CHISORB 292, 5144, 523, 519 & 944
Antistatic Agent for Water Based Coatings::
Antistatic 689 suitable for water based coatings.
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