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Kitamura Limited was incorporated in 1972. Beginning with its main office in Togo-cho, Aichi Prefecture and later adding the Furukawa Plant in Hida City, Gifu Prefecture, the company has catered to a wide range of needs.
KT/KTL Series:

The KT/KTL series are PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) Micropowders which provide low-friction and wear-resistance.

When added to rubber, plastic, or metallic paint, the KT/KTL series facilitates the development of coating materials with a low friction factor and high wear resistance. The series can be used in place of silicon oil, molybdenum di sulfide or carbon graphite (which have been conventionally used to improve low-friction characteristics) or used together with these additives to add outstanding performance to the coatings. Further, the KT/KTL series is effective in preventing scratches.

The KT/KTL series is not limited to thermosetting paints, and can also be added to other various paints (PCM, UV paint, electro deposition paint, water paint, powdered paint, etc.).

The KT/KTL series can be used widely, with a range of coating thickness (5 - 100μm), and clear coatings (glossy or mat). The KT/KTL series does not require grinding by a mill, and a uniform dispersion condition can be obtained by simply stirring with a dissolver.

King Industries Inc., USA
  • Nacure PC-100 - Low temperature cure in powder coating application
  • NACURE PC-2010 : Designed to accelerate epoxy/carboxy reactions.
  • ADVANTAGES: Lower temperature cure Decreased gel times Excellent chemical resistance Good over bake
Double Bond Chemical Ind. Co. Ltd., Taiwan
  • New Oligomers Launched for UV coating/ UV Ink on PP/PET substrates
  • DOUBLEMER® 653
  • DOUBLEMER® 654
  • Applications: UV curable coatings/ UV inks for PP,PS, PET, PVC, Nylon substrate etc.
Double Bond Chemical Ind. Co. Ltd., Taiwan
  • New Photoinitiators Launched for UV LED coating/ UV LED Ink
  • Applications: UV LED curable Coatings, Inks, Adhesives
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