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FRX Polymers, Inc.
FRX Polymers is the worldwide leader for polymeric flame retardant solutions. Its products and innovations deliver high value-added solutions for fabric/textile, electrical, electronics, mass transit and building and construction markets.
Flame Retardant:
Nofia Product Polymer System Markets Application
Nofia HM 1100 Homopolymers PET, PTT, PLA, TPU, PC B&C, Transportation, Consumer Fiber, Mono Flim, Sheet, Foam
Nofia C03000 & C06000 Copolymers PC, PC Blends Electical, Consumer Electronics, B&C, Transportation (mass trasportation, automotive) Housings, Light Diffusers, Laminates, Sheet and Flim
Nofia OL1001 & OL3001 Reactive Oligomers Epoxy, PU Electronics Transportation (aviation, rail, automotive) B&C CCL (Copper clad laminates), Structural Composites, Adhesives
Nofia OL5000 Additive Oligomers UPET, TPU Building and Construction, Transportation Transparent Laminates, Composites, Sheets & Flim
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