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MicRos Lubrication Technology
Producer of Plasmoil range of products which provide maxi-lubricity components for Lubricants & Greases.
Plasmoil Series:



Viscosity @100°C, mm²/s D445-14 300 330 250
Viscosity Index D2270 285 300 250
Flash point, °C D92 275 275 300
Fire point, °C D92 310 310 325
Specific Gravity D1298 0.9 0.9 0.9
Saponification number D94-07 90 90 90
Glycerides (veg. oil), %Wt Content 50 50 50
Mineral oil (paraffinic), %Wt Content 50 50 50




Viscosity @100°C, mm²/s ASTM D445-14 125 300 400
Viscosity Index ASTM D2270-17 265 300 315
Flash point, °C ASTM D92-16b 300 300 300
Fire point, °C ASTM D92-16b 325 325 325
Density, kg/L ASTM D1298-12b 0.92 0.92 0.92
Saponification number ASTM D94-07 180 180 180
Glycerides (veg. oil), %wt Content 100 100 100


Plasmoil products are honey-like bio-compounded bases which combine antagonist properties like high dipolar moment, high viscosity, dispersion, physical adhesiveness and anti-oxidation effect.

PLASMOIL™ exhibit maxi-lubricity effect thanks to its capacity of forming a protection film with a unique combination of high viscosity, low volatility and high adsorption to the covered surfaces.

Plasmoil is classified under API Group V category, PLASMOIL are used as Base stock or components for a variety of lubricants, greases and fuel additives.

PLASMOIL™ are Reach compliant, non-toxic and possess a benign HSE profile. PLASMOIL™ Bio line is furthermore ultimately biodegradable and meets HX-1 requirements for use in food-grade lubricants and greases.



  • Plasmoil products bring Several properties to a formulation:
  • a lower friction through an intrinsec low friction coefficient.
  • a lower friction by extending the boundary regime.
  • a lower friction by inducing an earlier hydrodynamic regime.
  • a lower friction by improving the surface finish of the rubbing surfaces.
  • a synergetic effect with EP additives on the load-carrying.
  • a higher adsorption capacity making it adequate for high temperature operations.
  • a dispersion, which can be used for stabilizing nano-additives or particulates.
  • a cleanliness to engines and machinery.
  • a self-healing effect on rubbing surfaces by rolling in the asperities rather than grinding them out.
  • an increase in power and more fuel efficiency.
  • an Increase of VI in similar proportions than an OCP.
  • A smooth lubrication, even bringing a reduction of noise.
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