• July 2020
Environ Speciality Chemicals Pvt Ltd is appointed as an authorized distributor of Qingdao Hengda Zhongcheng Technology Co Ltd for their range of Silane Coupling Agents. 
HENGDA Silane Group is an ISO 9001:2008 & ISO14001:2004 registered company. HENGDA is the first manufacturer of Silane Coupling Agents, such as amino silane, methacrylate silane, epoxy silane, sulfur silane , chlorine silane, vinyl silane and alkyl silane widely used in coatings, glass fiber, rubber, plastics, electronics and textiles.
     • February 2020
Environ Speciality Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. is appointed as an authorized distributor of Quality Speciality Chemicals LLP for their range of Oleochemicals products viz. Antistatic, Antifog, Slip-Antiblock, Processing Aids etc. for the polymer industry.
Quality Chemical Industries is established in the Year 1984, it is an innovative specialty chemical/performance chemical company that produces and supplies technologies that improve the quality and performance of our customers' products in the global transportation, industrial and consumer markets. As a technology and customer-driven company, Quality Chemical Industries has helped customers achieve higher levels of satisfaction by providing solutions that enhance product quality. The company offers a wide and unmatched range of products which include Industrial Waxes, Wax Emulsions, Polymer Additives, Industrial Lubricating Oil & Additives, & Speciality Chemicals.
     • January 2020
Environ Speciality Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. is appointed as the Authorised Distributor of MicRos Lubrication Technology, Belgium for their range of PLASMOIL range of additives of maxi-lubricity for the formulation of modern lubricants, greases and fuels of higher efficiency.
MicRos-LT srl is the 3rd generation of a Belgian family business, has for sole activity since 1919 the production of its electro-polarized bio-components. Its cutting-edge electronic equipment leads to a high production capacity with the highest consistency and at lowest costs. Its R&D, made of experienced tribologists, is a pillar of its development. Its quality system is certified ISO 9001:2015 by Tüv. 
Its location in the magnificent city of Suzhou is close to the world-connected megapole of Shanghai and provides all possibilities for fast, easy, sea and air deliveries.
     • October 2019
Environ Speciality Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. is appointed as a distributor of Sohan Industries Pvt. Ltd. for their range of inorganic Azo pigments finding applications in various industries viz. polymer, inks, paints etc.
Sohan Industries Pvt Ltd is one of the leading manufacturers of Azo Organic Pigment Powders, Organic Dispersions & Fine Pastes for the Textile, Paints, Paper, Ink, Rubber, Leather, Plastic, Crayons & Art colours industries. They have 8 manufacturing plants located in Industrial Area of Dombivali, near Mumbai.
     • September 2019
Environ inaugurates Lubricant Additives Technical Service Lab. at its integrated warehousing facility at Vashivali, Patalganga, Maharashtra. The following performance tests will be conducted at the laboratory: 
1. Rust Preventive Oils
  • Salt-spray Cabinet
  • Stack-Stain test
  • Dewatering/ Demusibility
  • Acid Fumes resistant test
 2. Water-Soluble Metal Working Fluids
  • Emulsion Stability at the various hardness of water 
  • Corrosion Test – Ferrous and Non-ferrous (Break Point) cosplay costume shop
  • pH of Emulsion
  • Total Alkalinity
 3. High-Temperature Chain Oil (HTCO)
  • High-temperature volatility test
  • Varnish and sludge formation by HTCO
     • May 2019
Environ Speciality Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. is appointed as the Authorised Distributor of Chevron Phillips Chemicals for their SYNFLUID range of Polyalphaolefins (PAOs).

Chevron Phillips Chemical leads the industry in developing high-quality polyalphaolefins (PAOs). PAOs are specially designed chemicals made from alpha olefins. They are used in many synthetic products such as lubricants, greases and fluids, and have emerged as essential components in many industries and applications. The stability of the PAO molecule, among other performance characteristics, makes it superior to mineral oils for a growing number of applications.
     • March 2019
Environ Speciality Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. is appointed as the Authorised Distributor of TOLSA, Spain for their self-cleaning photocatalytic additive and Silver and Zinc biocides. TOLSA, based in Madrid (Spain), focuses on intelligent production that is modern, efficient, flexible, safe and respectful of the environment. Each process is subjected to stringent quality controls, and the company is certified under ISO 9000 and ISO 14000. With more than 60 years at the service of people, currently TOLSA has an international team of more than 800 highly qualified professionals TOLSA’s Self-cleaning technology is cost effective solution for various products including polymers, coatings, mortars, and ceramics among others. This is mainly used as an additive to accelerate the degradation of organic products. The use of this additive results in self-cleaning surfaces and reduces the presence of dust, dirt, holds and other organic products.
TOLSA’s ADINS PROTECTION are linear high performance biocide additives based on silver and zinc compounds. They are effective not only versus bacteria but also against Fungi. ADINS technology allows to reduce the amount of active substance obtaining the same anti-microbial activity, reducing cost and its environmental impact. Suitable for paint, coating, mortar & grout application.
     • May 2017
Environ Speciality Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. is appointed as the Authorized Distributor of KLK Oleo Chemicals, Malaysia for their Palmester range of fatty acid esters for use in various industrial lubricants and metal working applications.
KLK OLEO is one of the world’s leading oleochemical producers and is part of Kuala Lumpur Kepong Berhad (“KLK”), a leading international plantations group listed on the Main Market of Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad. Palmester range of products includes Trimethylolpropane Esters, Pentaerythritol Esters, Glycerol Esters, Neopentyl Glycol Esters  and many other conventional Fatty Acid Esters. These esters find applications in Metal Working, Automotive Engine Oils, Industrial Gear Oils, Compressor Oils, bio-degradable Hydraulic Fluids, Fire Resistant Hydraulic Fluids, etc.
     • April 2017
Environ Speciality Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. is appointed as the Authorized Distributor of Deurex AG, (Germany) for their range of waxes, wax emulsion and wax dispersion. Deurex have been producing a wide range of micronized waxes since 1989 such as PE wax, PTFE wax, Amide wax, Fischer-Tropsch wax, PP wax, Diamond wax, Benzoin powders, Hybrid wax, Master wax technology, Oil based wax dispersion and Silica wax.
Deurex are cratering to worldwide in different industries such as inks, coatings, master-batch, pvc, cable leather, hot melt adhesive & rubber. They have different technology for their wide range of wax such as Air classifying process, Coated wax technology, Hybrid wax & Sugarcane wax (Bio based wax) available in many delivery form such as flakes, granules, fine granules, powders, finest powder, micro powders & liquid (wax dispersion & wax Emulsion).
     • November 2016

Environ Speciality Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. is appointed as the Authorised Distributor of KAO Chemicals GmbH for their range of Speciality Surfactants for Metalworking Fluids.

KAO Chemicals GmbH is part of the KAO Group which is one of the largest manufacturers in the world of personal care consumer products, detergents, prestige cosmetics, and their basic chemical components. With a history dating back to 1887 in Tokyo, KAO Group has evolved and expanded to all five continents where is presently operates, and comprises 32,707 employees working for all the group’s companies.

     • July 2016

 Environ Speciality Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. is awarded NSIC-CRISIL Rating of SME 1.

The upgraded rating – SME 1 is the highest rating possible for SMEs (Small & Medium Scale Enterprises) and indicates ‘Highest' Level of Credit Worthiness adjudged in relation to other SMEs.

     • March 2016

Environ to exhibit at the largest exhibition for Coatings Industry of middle east  known as - MIDDLE EAST COATING SHOW 2016  from March 14 to 16, 2016 at Dubai world trade centre.

     • January 2016

Environ India starts its middle east operations from Ras Al Khaimah with its 100% subsidiary company known as  "M/s Environ Speciality Chemicals Gulf FZE"  so as to cater specialty chemical requirements of wide number of customers ranging from Lubricants, Coatings, Inks, Adhesives, Polymers, Wire and Cable industries.

For more information please visit : 

     • January 2016

Environ to exhibit at the world' s leading  exhibition for Paints, Inks,  Adhesives & Sealant Industry - PAINTINDIA 2016 from January 21 to 23, 2016 at Bombay Exhibition Center, Goregaon (East), Mumbai.

     • July 2015

Environ Speciality Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. is awarded NSIC-CRISIL Rating of SME 2A.

The upgraded rating – SME 2  is the highest rating possible for SMEs (Small & Medium Scale Enterprises)  and indicates High Level of Credit Worthiness adjudged in relation to other SMEs.

     • January 2015

Environ is appointed as the Authorized Distributor of M/s MÜNZING CHEMIE,  Gmbh  for their FOAM BAN range of defoamers for Industrial Fluids. 

MÜNZING is a highly regarded, privately owned specialty additive company with global headquarters in Abstatt, Germany. They have a presence in over 40 countries anime cosplay and are a technology driven organization with an extensive staff of highly experienced R&D and technical service personnel in Europe, America and Asia.

     • August 2014

Environ is appointed as the Authorized Distributor of M/s King Industries Inc, USA  for their range of high performance additives for Coatings, Inks, Adhesives and Sealants.  

King Industries Inc, USA is headquartered in Norwalk, CT USA and maintains technical sales offices in Waddinxveen, The Netherlands and Zhongshan, China. A network of technical sales representatives and distributors serve King customers in virtually every industrialized country of the world.

     • March 2014

Environ to Exhibit at PaintIndia 2014 from 6-8 March at Bombay Exhibition Centre, Goregaon.

Please visit us at Hall No. 1 Booth E-15

     • January 2013

Environ is appointed as the Authorized Distributor of Wonder Technology [Wuxi] Co. Ltd., China since November 2013 for their range of Anti-Corrosive Pigments.

Wonder Technology has been involved in the development & production of a new generation of proprietary anti-corrosive pigments which can replace zinc phosphate and red lead at a much lower price and better performance. Wonder Technology [Wuxi] Co. Ltd. employs a powerful research & customer support team to underpin the performance of anti-corrosive pigments.

     • January 2012

Environ is appointed as the Authorised Distributor of Italmatch Chemicals S.p.A., Italy for their KETJENLUBE range of Polymeric and Conventional Esters.

Italmatch Chemicals S.p.A is a global specialty chemicals company, leader in polymeric, natural and synthetic esters and in its traditional sector of organic and inorganic phosphorus derivatives. KETJENLUBE polymeric esters are unique, patented specialty components used in the formulation of synthetic and semi-synthetic high performance lubricants in both automotive and industrial fluids.

     • January 2012

Environ is appointed as the Authorised Distributor of Kromachem Ltd., United Kingdom.

KROMACHEM has been involved in the rapidly growing market of UV/EB curing for more than 40 years, supplying an increasing range of speciality additives. KROMACHEM is the leading global supplier of the FLORSTAB UV range of innovative in-can thermal stabilisers, RAD-COLOR UV-L3 pigment pastes for UV ink and wide range of radiation curing additives such as gel reducer for UV-Litho inks, silicone-free wetting agent, silicone flow and levelling agent, UV-antifoam / defoamers, anti-misting additive for UV-offset inks and coatings, silicone-free inkjet additive, intercoat adhesion promoter, slip & release additive, silicone-free flow agent, fine dispersions of silicone free micronized waxes etc. 

     • April 2011

Environ is appointed as the Authorized Distributor of NH Chemical Ltd., Korea for the KOREOX range of Poly Alkylene Glycols (PAGS).

NH Chemical Ltd. is globally among the largest manufacturers of PAGs and has expertise in producing both water soluble and insoluble grades of PAGs with advanced technology. 


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