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NA-LUBE® AO - Primary Antioxidants: :
Phenolic and aminic antioxidants that are effective stabilizers for a broad range of industrial and automotive lubricants and greases. All products are ashless and non-corrosive, and offer excellent solubility in petroleum and synthetic base oils.
Primary Antioxidants

NA-LUBE AO-120: Highly refined general purpose high temperature antioxidant.

NA-LUBE AO-130: Excellent antioxidant with outstanding product stability at low temperatures.

NA-LUBE AO-142: Excellent antioxidant that is in compliance with the Food and Drug Administration Regulation 21 CFR

178.3570 (lubricants with incidental food contact) up to a treat level of 0.5% by weight.

NA-LUBE AO-155: Excellent antioxidant with low volatility and less sludge formation compared to other aminic AO’s

because of its sterically hindered aminic group.

NA-LUBE AO-210: General purpose antioxidant with very low volatility compared to BHT.

NA-LUBE AO-220: General purpose antioxidant with a low melting point (liquefies with minimal heat).

NA-LUBE AO-242: High temperature antioxidant with low volatility and low viscosity.





NA-LUBE AO Antioxidants are used in:

Hydraulic Fluids

Circulating Oils

Paper Machine Oils

Compressor Oils

Rust and Oxidation Oils

Metalworking Fluids

Aviation Oils

Marine Oils

Railroad Lubricants

Engine Oils

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