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NA-SUL® - Rust and Corrosion Inhibitors: :
A broad range of high performance rust and corrosion inhibitors based upon dinonylnaphthalenesulfonic acid. They are supplied as metal or amine salts in a variety of liquid and solid diluents.
Rust and Corrosion Inhibitors

1) NA-SUL Neutral Metal Salts

NA-SUL 707: Low ash rust inhibitor with good high temperature stability in industrial oils and greases.

NA-SUL 729: Premium rust inhibitor for petroleum and synthetic lubricants, hydraulic fluids and circulating oils.

NA-SUL BSN: Premium rust inhibitor for industrial lubricants, greases, rust preventive fluids and metalworking specialties.

NA-SUL MG: Lowest ash premium rust inhibitor.

NA-SUL SS: High molecular weight sodium sulfonate

NA-SUL ZS: Premium rust inhibitor for industrial oils, greases and hydraulic fluids, particularly when used in combination with zinc dithiophosphates.





The NA-SUL line consistently outperforms other synthetic or

petroleum sulfonates, thus offering:

Better performance at equal or lower concentrations

Higher maximum performance

Ferrous and non-ferrous metal protection

Synergy with other anti-rust additives




2) NA-SUL Amine Salts (Ashless)

NA-SUL AS : Ashless rust inhibitor used in wide range of petroleum fluids, including distillate fuels.

NA-SUL DTA: Stable ashless rust inhibitor with good demulsibility in petroleum and synthetic lubricants.

NA-SUL EDS: Ashless rust inhibitor for lubricants, distillate fuels and mild-duty rust preventives.


3) NA-SUL Basic Metal Salts

NA-SUL 611: Approximate TBN is 45 as barium carbonate.

NA-SUL BSB: Approximate TBN is 45 as barium hydroxide.

NA-SUL CA-50: Approximate TBN is 50 as calcium carbonate.


4) NA-SUL Grades for Specialty Lubricants

NA-SUL 729-NF: Premium ferrous rust inhibitor plus yellow metal deactivator for non-ferrous corrosion protection.

NA-SUL BSN-HT: Synergistic rust inhibitor with excellent thermal stability.

NA-SUL CA-1089: Exceptional additive providing excellent rust protection, demulsibility, filterability (dry and wet) and thermal stability.

NA-SUL CA-HT3: Excellent rust inhibitor with thermal stability and good demulsibility required for applications such as paper machine oils and high temperature circulating fluids.

NA-SUL MG-HT: Synergistic rust inhibitor with thermal stability. Particularly effective at neutralizing the corrosivity and staining of chlorinated paraffins.

NA-SUL ZS-HT: Excellent rust inhibitor, particularly in systems with other zinc containing additives.


5) NA-SUL Rust Preventive Concentrates for Oil and Oil/Solvent Systems


NA-SUL CA-1089: Excellent general purpose rust preventive additive.

NA-SUL CA-1122: Effective in a wide variety of diluents including PAO and vegetable oils.

NA-SUL CA/W1146: Recommended for heavy duty applications such as sheltered outdoor storage and marine environments.

NA-SUL CA-HT3: Excellent solubility in a wide range of diluents.

NA-SUL CA/W1935: Good general purpose rust preventive.

NA-SUL CA-1082: Excellent for long term warehouse storage. Best in naphthenic or Group I paraffinic oils.

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