Solid Acrylic Resins (Beads)

Soluble in solvents, alcohol, water in alkaline pH.

Solubility and Compatibility:

  • Soluble in ketones, alcohols, white spirit, aromatics and esters
  • Good compatible with plasticizers, vinyl’s and chlorinated rubbers
  • Good compatible with Nitrocellulose, CAB and other acrylics
  • Good compatible with thickeners


  • Good heat, chemical and alkaline resistant 
  • Hard, tough, flexible, easy soluble and fast drying 
  • Broad compatibility and outdoor durability 
  • Good hardness 
  • High gloss 


  • Printing inks 
  • Plastic coating
  • Wood coating
  • Automobile coating
  • Metal coating 
  • Marine paint 
  • Road marking paints
  • Concrete and wall paints 
  • Heat seal, aerosol paint
  • Powder coating additive
  • Vinyl coating 
  • Industrial paint 

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