Environ is appointed as the Authorised Distributor of Italmatch Chemicals S.p.A., Italy for their KETJENLUBE range of Polymeric and Conventional Esters.

Italmatch Chemicals S.p.A is a global specialty chemicals company, leader in polymeric, natural and synthetic esters and in its traditional sector of organic and inorganic phosphorus derivatives. KETJENLUBE polymeric esters are unique, patented specialty components used in the formulation of synthetic and semi-synthetic high performance lubricants in both automotive and industrial fluids.

Environ is appointed as the Authorised Distributor of Kromachem Ltd., United Kingdom.

KROMACHEM has been involved in the rapidly growing market of UV/EB curing for more than 40 years, supplying an increasing range of speciality additives. KROMACHEM is the leading global supplier of the FLORSTAB UV range of innovative in-can thermal stabilisers, RAD-COLOR UV-L3 pigment pastes for UV ink and wide range of radiation curing additives such as gel reducer for UV-Litho inks, silicone-free wetting agent, silicone flow and levelling agent, UV-antifoam / defoamers, anti-misting additive for UV-offset inks and coatings, silicone-free inkjet additive, intercoat adhesion promoter, slip & release additive, silicone-free flow agent, fine dispersions of silicone free micronized waxes etc.