Environ Speciality Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. is appointed as the Authorised Distributor of TOLSA, Spain for their self-cleaning photocatalytic additive and Silver and Zinc biocides. TOLSA, based in Madrid (Spain), focuses on intelligent production that is modern, efficient, flexible, safe and respectful of the environment. Each process is subjected to stringent quality controls, and the company is certified under ISO 9000 and ISO 14000. With more than 60 years at the service of people, currently TOLSA has an international team of more than 800 highly qualified professionals TOLSA’s Self-cleaning technology is cost effective solution for various products including polymers, coatings, mortars, and ceramics among others. This is mainly used as an additive to accelerate the degradation of organic products. The use of this additive results in self-cleaning surfaces and reduces the presence of dust, dirt, holds and other organic products.

TOLSA’s ADINS PROTECTION are linear high-performance biocide additives based on silver and zinc compounds. They are effective not only versus bacteria but also against Fungi. ADINS technology allows for a reduction in the amount of active substances obtaining the same anti-microbial activity, reducing cost and its environmental impact. Suitable for paint, coating, mortar & grout application.