Environ inaugurates Lubricant Additives Technical Service Lab. at its integrated warehousing facility at Vashivali, Patalganga, Maharashtra. The following performance tests will be conducted at the laboratory: 

  1. Rust Preventive Oils
    • Salt-spray Cabinet
    • Stack-Stain test
    • Dewatering/ Demusibility
    • Acid Fumes resistant test
  2. Water-Soluble Metal Working Fluids
    • Emulsion Stability at the various hardness of water
    • Corrosion Test – Ferrous and Non-ferrous (Break Point)
    • pH of Emulsion
    • Total Alkalinity
  3. High-Temperature Chain Oil (HTCO)
    • High-temperature volatility test
    • Varnish and sludge formation by HTCO